CPI outdoor security camera in action

CPI Outdoor Security Camera

Don’t just record criminals - stop them in their tracks. Protect your home with the latest CPI Outdoor Camera that detects bad guys, sends them running, and records every move.

Not Your Average Outdoor Camera

Recording crime is nice, doing something about it is better. See how our outdoor security camera acts as your first line of defense.

Perimeter Alert in Action

What’s it like having your own personal security guard 24/7? Here’s how Perimeter Alert works:

Bad guy detected

Your AI-powered outdoor camera detects when a bad actor trespasses on your property and approaches your home.

Bad guy warned

The would-be thief sees and hears they’re being recorded with an audio and visual alert through your outdoor camera.

Bad guy sent running

Knowing they're being watched, the intruder high-tails it out of there and your home is safe and sound.

smart outdoor camera detects people and vehicle

Intelligent Video Analytics & Alerts: The Smarter Surveillance Camera

Our outdoor security cameras use IVAN (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications) to detect people, animals, and vehicles to send relevant, real-time alerts to your app. Did an unexpected car pull into your driveway? Is someone suspiciously loitering on the edge of your property? You’ll know all that and more instantly with a CPI Outdoor Camera.

Get real-time alerts when:

  • Kids and pets are playing in the backyard
  • Trespassers or wild animals enter your property
  • Someone is in or near an outdoor kitchen, deck, or entertainment area
  • Landscapers and contractors arrive
  • Pets enter off-limits areas or leave the yard
  • A vehicle enters your driveway

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How Your Outdoor Camera Works With Your CPI Smart Security System

When you protect your home with CPI, you’re bringing your security and smart home needs under one roof.

As the owner of a custom CPI system, your life is made easier with professional installation, smart home automations, real-time alerts, professional emergency response, and complete control all from the inTouch app.

Yes, you can have all that in one system.

Here's an example of how your outdoor camera works with your CPI smart security system:

Using IVAN, your outdoor camera detects a person approaching your home

Perimeter Alert is triggered and lets intruders know they’re being recorded

Your system turns on the lights, making it look like you’re home even if you're away*

And you’ll get a video clip of the recording sent straight to your app in real-time

Should the burglar set off the alarm, our 24/7 monitoring team springs to action and can use your cameras to verify the alarm with emergency dispatchers, getting the authorities there faster.

When every second counts, count on CPI.

Outdoor Security Camera Features

home icon

Front Yard Protection

See the most detailed view of your front yard, driveway, mailbox, and garage for end-to-end protection around the front of your home.

fence icon

Backyard Protection

Position the cameras in your backyard to keep an eye on your back patio, garden, pool, or outdoor living space.

sound wave icon

Two-way Audio

Greet guests as they approach your home, let the kids know dinner is ready, or speak to delivery drivers with two-way audio.

sun and moon icon

See Clearly, Day or Night

From early birds to night owls, know what's going on around your home 24/7 with full HD-quality and IR night vision.

video playing on a monitor icon

Live & Saved Video Viewing

See both live videos and saved clips right from your app. If you’d like, you’ll also have the option to upgrade to 24/7 video recording.

umbrella icon

Weather- resistant

Our outdoor camera is built to withstand the elements, ensuring reliability in all types of weather.

Outdoor Camera Product Specs

1920 x 1080
(L x W x H): 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5” (6.35 x 6.35 x 11.43 cm)
2.4 & 5 GHz
Up to 49 ft (14.9 m)
technician professionally installing outdoor security camera

Professional Camera Installation: Let the Experts Do the Heavy Lifting

By choosing CPI, you’ve done your part. Now we’ll do ours. Our trained professionals take away the guesswork of security system installation so you can feel confident that your system is designed, installed, and functioning correctly. Save your drywall and trips to the home improvement store. Rest easy with reliable protection you can trust (did we mention it looks great on your home, too?).

*This requires rules that must be set up by the customer. Additional home automation devices required. Automation features can be programmed from your computer or mobile device.

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