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Home Security sensors monitor your doors, windows and more to protect your home from burglars and intruders.

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Security Sensors | Outdoor Sensor | CPI Security

NEW Outdoor Window & Door Sensors

Extend Your Outdoor Security

Expand your outdoor security perimeter with cutting-edge 2-way fully encrypted sensors. These tamper-resistant waterproof sensors protect detached structures that would typically be out of the wireless range of your security panel.

Security Sensors | Door and Window Contacts | CPI Security

Intrusion detection security sensors

Monitor Your Doors and Windows

Secure and monitor any door or window in your home – from entryways to interior doors – with our perimeter alarm door contact sensors. Our smart sensors give you an added layer of protection from intrusion & burglary.

Security Sensors | Motion Sensor | CPI Security

Intrusion detection security sensors

Get Notified to Unexpected Motion in Designated Areas

Place motion sensors in highly trafficked rooms, entryways, and other areas you’d like to monitor. When your system is armed and you’re away, any unexpected motion will sound an alarm.

Security Sensors | Glass Break Sensor | CPI Security

Intrusion detection security sensors

Sound an Alarm if Glass Breaks

When glass is broken, the glass break detector triggers an alarm to alert both you and our Central Station of a potential emergency.

Security Sensors | Water Sensor | CPI Security

Water detection sensor

Be Alerted to Any Water Leaks

Water damage starts where you can’t see it: under sinks, behind washers, under water tanks and in attics and basements. Protect your home’s most vulnerable areas with wireless water sensors. They’re small, smart and always on guard.

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Frequently asked questions about CPI Home Security Sensors

What types of sensors are included in CPI's Home Security Systems?
CPI Security offers a range of sensors, including motion detectors, door monitors, window monitors, glass break sensors, and water sensors – to provide comprehensive coverage for your home.
How do motion detectors work in a CPI security system?
Motion detectors utilize infrared technology to detect movement within a designated area. When motion is detected, the sensor triggers an alert to notify you through your inTouch™ app of potential activity in your home.
Do door sensors and window sensors have tamper alerts in a CPI security system?
Yes, door monitors and window monitors in CPI security systems are equipped with alerts that trigger notifications if a door or window is opened or tampered with.
How are glass break sensors beneficial in a home security system?
Glass break sensors can detect the sound frequency of breaking glass, providing an additional layer of security by alerting you to potential intrusions through doors or windows.
Can I receive real-time alerts on my smartphone from CPI's home security sensors?
Yes, CPI’s security system allows for real-time alerts and notifications to be sent to your smartphone through the easy-to-use inTouch™ app, keeping you informed of any sensor activations, doors and windows opening/closing, or security-related events in your home.
What happens if a sensor battery is low in my CPI security system?
In the event of a low sensor battery, you will receive a notification through your CPI Security inTouch™ app to replace the batteries promptly to maintain the effectiveness of your home security sensors.
Can I add additional door/window sensors or motion detectors in the future?
Yes, CPI’s security system is scalable, allowing you to add additional sensors and components as needed to enhance the security coverage of your home over time.

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