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We want to see your best moments captured by your CPI Security camera. It could be funny mishaps, a burglar deterred by your camera, or emergency situations caught on camera.

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NOTE: For video submissions larger than 10 MB, please email them to [email protected] and include your name, phone number, and a brief description of the video.

*By submitting video content, you confirm that you are the CPI customer, that the video (including any photographic images and other content in the video, the “Video”) and its content are property of CPI pursuant to your agreement with CPI, and that you have no rights or interests in or to the Video. To the extent that you do have any rights or interests in or to the Video despite the foregoing confirmation, you agree that, on a perpetual, fee-free and royalty-free basis, CPI may redact, edit, combine with other content, otherwise modify, use, enable and promote for sharing, publish anywhere in the world, or remove from publication anywhere in the world (collectively, “Use”), the Video and any derivative works for advertising, marketing, entertainment, or any other purpose related to CPI’s business, in any online, print, social media, broadcast, or other medium. You release CPI and its officers, directors, and employees from any claim or liability of any kind or nature arising from or related to the foregoing. Video submissions must be received by April 22, 2024.

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