Safety alarms

Add safety alarms to your smart home security system for protection that notifies our Central Station monitoring team in the event of critical emergencies.

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CPI Security Fire & Life Safety Alarms

WATCH: CO Detector in Action

The Barbee family was sound asleep when their CPI Security carbon monoxide detector triggered the alarm, as deadly carbon monoxide was leaking from their gas fire place. Thankfully, they got out of the house before it was too late.

Safety Alarms | Smart Smoke Detector | CPI Security

Safety alarms

Smart Smoke Detector

Our smart smoke alarm detects fire emergencies and notifies both you and our monitoring team right away so you can get the immediate help you need. In the event of a fire alarm, our monitoring center comes over the two-way speaker to alert you of danger and assist you in evacuating while contacting emergency dispatchers.

Safety Alarms | Carbon Monoxide Detector | CPI Security

Safety alarms

Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is referred to as the “silent killer,” and accurate and immediate carbon monoxide detection is key to all-around safety in your home. In the event of a CO alarm, our monitoring center comes over the two-way speaker to alert you of the danger and contacts first responders.

Security Sensors | Water Sensor | CPI Security

Water detection sensor

Smart Water Sensor

Water damage starts where you can’t see it: under sinks, behind washers, under water tanks and in attics and basements. Protect your home’s most vulnerable areas with wireless water sensors. They’re small, smart and always on guard.

Safety Alarms | Medical Pendant | CPI Security

Safety alarms

Medical Pendant

Feel more protected when it comes to your health safety or monitor the safety of an aging parent or family member. When our medical monitoring device is pressed, our monitoring team is notified so they can help immediately.

Safety Alarms | Smart Smoke Detector | CPI Security

Safety alarms

Smart Heat Detector

Our Smart Heat Detector is a fire alarm device that alerts you and our monitoring center when dangerously high temperatures arise and is especially helpful in catching a fire before it’s too late.

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Frequently asked questions about CPI Fire & Life Safety Alarms

What type of alarms does CPI Security offer for home safety?
CPI Security offers fire alarms (included in all residential security system packages), carbon monoxide detectors, medical panic buttons, water sensors, heat detectors, and more as part of its home alarm system offerings to ensure comprehensive protection for your household.
How do smoke detectors/fire alarms work in CPI's home alarm system?
Smart fire/smoke alarms in CPI’s system detect smoke or heat indicative of a fire, triggering audible alerts and notifying both you and our central station monitoring center to dispatch the appropriate emergency response unit in case of an emergency.
What is the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector in a home alarm system?
Carbon monoxide detectors monitor levels of the colorless and odorless gas, alerting occupants to dangerous concentrations that can pose health risks or even death, providing vital early warnings to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or other unintended consequences.
Are CPI's home alarm systems equipped with a battery backup in case of power outages?
Yes, CPI Security’s home alarm systems come with a battery backup to ensure continuous operation during power outages, maintaining protection for your home even when the electricity is off.
Can I integrate fire alarms & carbon monoxide detectors with my CPI system for added safety?
Yes, CPI Security allows for seamless integration of life & fire safety alarms with your security system to create a comprehensive home safety solution &ndash all of which is connected to our award-winning Central Station monitoring center.
Can I receive notifications from CPI's home alarm systems for fire & carbon monoxide detection?
Yes, CPI Security’s home alarm systems provide real-time alerts and notifications to your smartphone to keep you informed of any alarms or detections related to fire or carbon monoxide in your home. All of your alerts can be found in our easy-to-use inTouch™ app.
Are CPI's home alarm systems monitored 24/7 for fire & carbon monoxide emergencies?
Yes, CPI Security’s Central Station monitoring center operates around the clock to respond to fire and carbon monoxide alarms, dispatching help promptly in case of emergencies to ensure the safety of your household.

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