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Complete Business Security Systems

All-encompassing, industry-tailored business security systems that protect your assets, employees, and customers.

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CPI inTouch Business Security with Video Surveillance + 2 FREE HD Interior Cameras

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Small Business to Enterprise Security Solutions Designed to Protect

You want to safeguard the business you've worked so hard to build, and we're here to help. Our full suite of industry-tailored smart security solutions offers not only monitoring but proactive protection for a range of businesses.

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Your 24/7 Emergency Response Team

Real Time Response℠ is how we monitor and protect your businesses. Here's how it works - after an alarm is tripped, our monitoring center comes over the two-way speaker to address the situation. If there's a crime or an emergency, we verify the alarm through audio and video verification and contact the local authorities, so you receive the highest priority response, saving your assets and precious time. Regardless of if you're at work or away, day or night, we ensure you and your business are never alone in an emergency.

Smarter Security With IVAN

CPI’s IVAN (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications) enhances your security capabilities and helps you stay more connected to your business's day to day. With IVAN, your cameras discern between people, animals, and vehicles and provide you with real-time video alerts that allow you to watch the video clips directly from your phone.

Now you can know when:

  • An employee or customer has entered a restricted area
  • A delivery truck pulls up to your loading dock
  • A person or vehicle is loitering in a specific zone on your property
  • Someone enters your inventory or storage space
  • And where a vendor drops off a delivery after hours
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Total Business Security and Alarm Monitoring

Access Control

Access Control

Give your employees unique key cards or badges that alert you to when they entered certain areas of the building and at what time.

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Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

Monitor the perimeter of your building, as well as any private or off-limits areas - such as those with highly sensitive information - with glass break sensors and motion detectors.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to see who's coming and going from any area of your business at all times. Video surveillance also allows our monitoring experts to assist you more quickly in an emergency and verify alarms.

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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Whether you have one or multiple office building locations, check in on your businesses and employees anywhere, anytime through your inTouch app.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Should your office experience a fire emergency, our fire alarm monitoring products and services allow our monitoring specialists to dispatch the local fire department with real-time information.

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Professional Business Security System Installation

When you decide to secure your business with CPI, you've done your part - now we'll do ours. Our installation professionals factor in each of your security concerns and vulnerabilities to strategically install your solutions. Rest easy knowing your security system is designed, tested, and functioning properly, providing reliable protection you can trust.

CPI vs. Other Security Systems on the Market

See how we stack up against the competition.*

CPI Traditional Security DIY
Holistic, 24/7 emergency response and dispatch with Real Time Response check mark icon x icon x icon
Emergency and alarm confirmation with audio & video verification check mark icon x icon x icon
24/7 monitoring included check mark icon check mark icon x icon
Professional installation check mark icon check mark icon x icon
Smart security with IVAN℠ (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications) check mark icon x icon x icon
No subcontracting, ever. Always work with a dedicated team of sales, support, and technicans. check mark icon x icon x icon
Multi-site management check mark icon check mark icon x icon
Smart automations and security systems unified under one app. check mark icon check mark icon x icon
No False Alarm Guarantee check mark icon x icon x icon
*Some features may vary for specific security providers.

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We live in the communities we serve and are committed to making our neighborhoods safe for everyone. We proudly service the southeast with field offices throughout the region.

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