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When you secure your home with CPI, your alarm system monitors your property and relays information to our Central Station Operators with our cutting-edge emergency response protocol, Real Time Response. If an alarm is triggered, our award-winning, UL-certified Central Station takes action to verify burglary, intrusion, fire, and medical emergencies via audio and video verification. In the event of an emergency, our specialized team contacts local authorities and relays vital information to first responders in real-time.

Real Time Response | CPI Security

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How Real Time Response works

Here’s how Real Time Response works when an alarm is triggered:

Alarm is triggered

You have the ability to cancel an alarm on the app or panel. If an alarm isn’t canceled and disarmed, our Central Station Operators will come over the two-way speaker.


If you cannot confirm that you are ok, whether that’s via the two-way speaker or if we call the primary phone number on the account, we act quickly to verify the emergency.

Authorities dispatched

Once we verify the alarm, we contact emergency responders on your behalf, dispatching the authorities and relaying vital information to them in real-time.

Real Time Response | CPI Security

Emergency Response

Central station monitoring

Our professional alarm monitoring center, Central Station, is where our Central Station Operators actively monitor alarm panel signals. Proudly based in the southeast, it is a world-class, Five Diamond Certified, U.L. Listed Monitoring Center that provides specialized, regional home and business security protection for all CPI customers.

What is a Verified Alarm?

Verified Alarms are alarms that have been confirmed as emergencies through audio and video verification, and relayed to local authorities. Due to the added protection of our industry-leading technology and highly specialized Central Station Operators, this means your alarms are given high-priority response while reducing false alarms.

ASAP to PSAP Emergency Communication | CPI Security

ASAP to PSAP Communication

84% Faster Dispatch Times

ASAP was launched to increase efficiency and reliability of emergency electronic signals from monitoring companies. Think of it as a virtual or electronic handoff between an alarm company’s central station and the local emergency communication centers. Typically, alarm companies manually call the emergency communication center when a dispatch is needed. But with ASAP, alarm signals summon emergency services electronically in a matter of milliseconds to seconds. By sending an alarm signal over ASAP, we can quickly transmit critical information to authorities, such as the customer’s name, address, alarm type, and other details without wasting valuable time on hold or speaking to someone.

CPI Security has fully embraced ASAP to PSAP and has seen tremendous gains in efficiencies for the jurisdictions that make use of it. CPI Security is currently working with 18 jurisdictions in our footprint and will continue to engage with others to help bring them on board in any way that we can. For more information, read our blog article.

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