A Smart Move

A new home is a great opportunity to get the latest smart home technology for added security and convenience.  If you’re moving within our service area, CPI gives you the opportunity to continue your 24/7 alarm monitoring and customize a brand new system for your new home when you move.  Even better, the system you installed in your previous home may help make it more appealing to potential buyers.  Contact a CPI move specialist at 800-274-9475 to get started.

How do I move my service to a new address?

Here is how you’ll take care of any previous contract obligations for your old address, and set up a new system at your new address.

Customers under a CPI Smart Pay agreement:

You will need to pay your outstanding Smart Pay balance on your existing system in order to sign up for service at your next home. Customers can only be enrolled in Smart Pay for one premise at a time.

Can I keep my current system and move it to my new home?

Qualifying customers who have paid off their equipment may choose to take their existing smart home security system with them to their new location.  To ensure proper functionality, removal and reinstallation fees may apply. Please contact a CPI move specialist at 800-274-9475 to see if you qualify and discuss your options.

I’m not able to continue service at my new address, how do I discontinue my services?

If you have time remaining on your agreement and do not continue service, either because you’re moving out of our service area or if you choose not to continue, you may be responsible for an early termination fee.  Contact a CPI move specialist at 800-274-9475 for additional details and offers for new residents to reactivate service.