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Smart Home Systems

By integrating smart home technology into your security system, you'll have a complete smart home that improves your home's safety and efficiency.

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Your Smart Home Manager: The inTouch App

Our innovative home security system integrates all the key devices in your home, providing you convenient access and complete control through the inTouch app. Secure your home remotely, check in with video monitoring, and control various elements of your energy management with the latest in smart home technology.

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Explore Smart Home Devices

CPI Drive

Second to your home, your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. Track your vehicle's location, monitor its diagnostic health, and receive alerts for speeding, towing, and more, all from your inTouch app.

  • Understand your car's health 24/7. Receive maintenance alerts and real-time data for check engine light details, low battery, and low fuel.
  • From teens to senior drivers, keep tabs on those you love most. View trip recaps, see routes, and monitor for speeding and unsafe driving habits.
  • Now, your car's security is at your fingertips. Never forget where you parked your car and get alerts when your car is moved unexpectedly (even when it's off and in park) with location-based notifications.
  • As part of your complete smart security system, you can create automations with your smart home products that adjust your thermostat and turn on your lights as you pull into the driveway.

Keyless Door Lock

Control your front door from anywhere with our smart home door lock. For complete front door control, pair the lock with your CPI Video Doorbell Camera Pro as a part of your smart home security system.

  • Whether you have contractors coming and going or need to let the dog walker in, our smart lock’s keyless touchscreen interface allows for easy use with unique user codes.
  • Ran out of the house in a hurry? Lock your home and arm your system remotely through the inTouch app.
  • Be “key free” - now you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your keys or rekeying your door should you lose them.
  • Customize your app alerts so you know who's coming and going for a more personalized experience.


By adding this smart thermostat to your total home security system, you're able to save money and energy all while easily setting personalized automations that fit your needs.

  • Remotely access your smart home thermostat via the inTouch app to control your home's temperature while you're away.
  • Monitor your usage and meet your energy efficiency goals by controlling the temperature, setting custom schedules, receiving critical temperature alerts, and more.
  • Create location-based automations that adjust your smart home thermostat as you approach and leave your home.

Garage Door Controller

Never worry about leaving your garage door open again. The garage door sensor and controller are fully integrated with your smart home security system so you can control it from anywhere through your app.

  • If you have a package getting delivered or need to let someone in your home, open the garage door once you see that they're on your property.
  • The Garage Door Controller is both a tilt sensor and a controller so you can see if the garage door is open or closed from your app and shut it if needed.

Light & Appliance Control

Enhance your smart home with our smart controls. With a range of options to fit your needs, manage the power to your lamps, smaller appliances, and more through the inTouch app.

  • Set schedules to turn lights on and off automatically - great for protecting your home while you're away.
  • Make your smart lights “event driven” meaning you can create personalized settings that turn certain lights on when you unlock your front door, open your garage, and more.
  • Our smart light control is compatible with most dimmable LED and incandescent light bulbs.
  • Plug in smaller appliances and control them all from your inTouch app.
  • As a bonus, our light and appliance controls do not impede the second outlet.

Wireless Keychain Remote

Our Wireless Keychain Remote is the perfect, compact addition to controlling your smart home security system. Can't get to your phone in time? Quickly arm & disarm your system from your remote.

  • Every Wireless Keychain Remote comes with a Panic Button, as well as the built-in capability to reduce false alarms.
  • Four simple buttons make the interface of the security key fob easy to use.
  • Count on long-lasting support with an extended battery life.

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