Window and Door Security Sensors: CPI Product Breakdown

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CPI Window Security Sensor

Window and door security sensors are crucial components of any security system, as they provide an effective way to detect and alert you of unauthorized access to your home or business. Security sensors are important in safeguarding homes and businesses from burglars and intruders. CPI Security offers a range of window and door security sensors that can be used on anything from home doors and windows to medicine or liquor cabinets.  


In this guide, we will explore the different types of door and window sensors, their features, and how they work. We will also cover CPI Security’s window and door sensors, including the outdoor extended range contact sensor, installation of these sensors, and the benefits they offer. 


Understanding Door and Window Sensors 


When people talk about window and door security sensors, they often refer to contact sensors. Window and door contact sensors work by using a magnetic contact switch that sends a signal to the security system control panel when a window or door is opened. When the magnetic door or window sensor is activated, the sensor alarm is triggered, and a signal is sent to the monitoring center, your smartphone, or another device. This way, you are immediately alerted to any potential security breach, and you can take action to protect your home and family or your business. If your security system is armed when a window or door sensor is activated, a signal will also be sent to your security system’s monitoring center, so they can respond accordingly. 


Door and window sensors can be wireless or wired. Wireless sensors are easy to install and can be placed anywhere on the door or window. They are battery-powered and can communicate wirelessly with the control panel. Wired sensors, on the other hand, are connected to the control panel using wires, and though may be more intensive to install, they will not require battery replacement. 


Other types of window and door alarm sensors include break glass sensors and motion sensors. Glass Break Sensors detect the sound of breaking glass to trigger the alarm. This is useful in the case of someone trying to break a door or window to gain entry into your house. Motion sensors detect motion and are typically used to detect motion in an area such as a hallway or great room; however, they can also be aimed at doors to detect motion near entry points. For more information on How Glass Break Detectors Work, check out our blog. Additionally, you can learn more about motion sensors with our Homeowners Guide to Motion Sensors blog.  


Benefits of Installing Window and Door Security Sensors 


Door and window sensors offer several benefits to homeowners, making them a worthwhile investment. One of the most significant benefits of these sensors is that they enhance home security. They provide an extra layer of protection against burglars and intruders, ensuring that your home is secure at all times. With an alert system installed on all your points of entry, you can immediately respond to any potential security breach and take the necessary action to protect your home or business. 


In addition to enhanced security, window and door security sensors also provide peace of mind to homeowners. Just as a window or door sensor will alert you to an intruder gaining access to your home from the outside, you will also be alerted if someone opens a door or window internally. This can be especially useful to parents, if a child opens a window or door unbeknownst to their caretaker. You’ll receive a notification on your app, as well as an audible notification from your SmartHub panel whenever a door or window is opened. 


Door and window sensors are also a cost-effective solution for home security. These sensors are relatively inexpensive and require minimal maintenance. They are easy to install and can be configured to suit your specific needs, providing an affordable and customizable security solution. Overall, window and door security sensors are an excellent investment for homeowners who want to enhance their home security, while also staying in the know about who is accessing or leaving the home.  


Buying Considerations for Choosing Your Door and Window Security Sensors 


When it comes to buying window and door sensors, there are several factors to consider ensuring that you get the right sensors to protect your home or business’s entry points. First, you’ll need to think about the best type of sensor for each window or door. Consider the location of the door or window and how you typically use it to determine which type of sensor is best suited to your needs. We suggest installing a door or window sensor on all entry points throughout your house, even on secondary levels. If every entry point is covered, you’ll always know if someone is trying to enter or exit your home.  


If you are securing an outdoor shed, pole building, or detached garage, consider installing a window and door sensor that has an extended range to communicate with your panel and is waterproof to withstand outdoor weather. CPI’s extended outdoor sensor uses cutting-edge two-way wireless technology to secure outdoor structures that are typically too far out of wireless range to your security panel.   


Some homeowners want to be notified if the medicine cabinet or liquor cabinet is opened. You could install a door contact to restrict access to a medicine or liquor cabinet. We suggest talking to a professional, like CPI Security, to determine the best door contact for this type of usage.  


Another factor to think about when buying door and window sensors is the home security company. While there are many companies and brands available, along with quite a few DIY options, not all are created equal. CPI Security offers a wide range of door and window sensors and professional installation, so you can rest assured the most fitting sensor was installed correctly for your circumstances.  


When comparing window and door sensors and security systems, consider factors such as price, installation, customer service, and security. CPI Security’s sensors are competitively priced and come with professional installation by certified technicians. We also offer 24/7 customer support and monitoring, giving homeowners and businessowners peace of mind knowing that help is always just a phone call away. Additionally, CPI Security’s wireless sensors communicate over encrypted networks to prevent hackers from compromising the integrity of your security system. 


CPI’s window and door security sensors are an important element to your all-encompassing home or business security system. To learn more or request a free quote for a CPI Security system including door and window sensors, get in touch today.

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