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Home Security

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones and protecting your property, CPI's Real Time Response makes all the difference.

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Real Time Response

Alarm response in seconds, not minutes. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones and protecting your property. CPI's Real Time Response makes all the difference. Our award-winning central station communicates a verified emergency to the authorities, delivering a response in seconds, not minutes.

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Glass Break Detector

Glass break detectors sound an alarm when glass is broken, not just when a window or door is opened. They are a great option for rooms with multiple windows or glass exterior doors.

Door/Window Sensors

Button activated or flush mounted sensors trigger your alarm when a door is opened. Even when the system isn't armed, a chime sounds letting you know when someone is coming or going or opening doors elsewhere in the home.

Water Sensor

Protect your home from flood disasters or minimize damage if they do occur. If the sensor detects water, you can receive notifications and alerts. Water sensors are useful in basements, near kitchen appliances, or in any place flooding is a possibility.

Medical Pendant

Whether you have an elderly parent or someone else you want to keep an eye on, a medical pendant can trigger an emergency response. When the pendant is pressed, CPI's central station is immediately notified, helping to keep your whole family safe.

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