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Add life and safety alarms to your smart home security system for protection that notifies our Central Station monitoring team in the event of critical emergencies.

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24/7 Protection with Real Time Response

Time is of the essence in any emergency, but especially when it comes to fire, carbon, and medical alarms. Here’s how Real Time Response works: when your medical pendant, smoke detector, or carbon monoxide detector triggers an alarm, our award-winning, UL-certified Central Station takes action to verify smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and other life safety emergencies via audio and video verification. If needed, we’ll contact the local authorities and relay vital information to them in real time, getting you the help you need and saving precious time.

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Fire Communicator

Our smart smoke alarm detects emergencies and notifies both you and our monitoring team right away so you can get the immediate help you need.

  • In the event of a fire alarm, our monitoring center comes over the two-way speaker to alert you of danger and assist you in evacuating while contacting emergency dispatchers.
  • Able to identify everything from smoldering fires to billowing smoke, this smart smoke detector distinguishes fire-based emergencies by monitoring for smoke and rapidly rising heat.
  • Smart in more ways than one, our Fire Communicator comes with alerts for device tampering and low batteries.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is referred to as the “silent killer,” and accurate and immediate carbon monoxide detection is key to all-around safety in your home.

  • In the event of a CO alarm, our monitoring center comes over the two-way speaker to alert you of the danger and contacts first responders.
  • In addition to alerting our monitoring center, this smart carbon monoxide detector has a built-in alarm buzzer to ensure you’re notified of the emergency.
  • This CO sensor monitors for carbon monoxide 24/7, so you can feel protected even while sleeping.

Medical Pendant

Feel more protected when it comes to your health safety or monitor the safety of an aging parent or family member.

  • When our medical monitoring device is pressed, our monitoring team is notified so they can help immediately.
  • Regardless of where you are, if the medical alert pendant is pressed, you’ll receive a real-time notification on your app, helping you keep track of loved ones.
  • This medical monitoring device is also water resistant and can be worn in the shower.

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