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Perimeter Alert Deters Crime

What’s it like having your own personal security guard 24/7? Here’s how Perimeter Alert works:

Perimeter Alert | Security Cameras | CPI Security

Intruder detected

Your AI-powered Outdoor Camera or Video Doorbell Pro detects when someone trespasses on your property & approaches your home.

Intruder warned

The would-be thief sees and hears they’re being recorded with an audio and visual alert through your security camera.

Intruder sent running

Knowing they're being watched, the intruder high-tails it out of there, keeping your home & family safe and sound.

CPI Security Cameras

WATCH: Perimeter Alert in Action

CPI Security's Outdoor Camera and Video Doorbell Pro feature Perimeter Alert technology, providing both audio and visual alerts to deter potential trespassers. Prevent package thefts, car & home break-ins, and more with a smart home security system from CPI Security.

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Our Top-Selling System Includes

SmartHub | CPI Security

SmartHub Touch Screen

Motion Sensors | Security Sensors | CPI Security

Motion Sensor

Security Sensors | Door and Window Contacts | CPI Security

Door/Window Sensors (x3)

Safety Alarms | Smart Smoke Detector | CPI Security

Smart Smoke Detector

Outdoor Camera | CPI Security

Outdoor Camera

Perimeter Alert + IVAN℠ + Two-Way Audio
Essentials Video Doorbell Camera | CPI Security

Essentials Doorbell Camera

IVAN℠ + Two-Way Audio

Indoor Camera | CPI Security

Indoor Camera

IVAN℠ + Two-Way Audio

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Works with Hey Siri and Alexa | CPI Security

Hands-Free Help

CPI’s smart home security systems work with Siri Shortcuts and Alexa for hands-free help around the house. Control your CPI Security connected devices using your voice through a smartphone or a compatible device.

Whether you’re heading to bed for the evening, or arriving home from work, you can ask Siri or Alexa to help.

Hey Siri | Smart Home | CPI Security

Hey Siri, arm my CPI Security system

Hey Siri | Siri Shortcuts | Smart Home | CPI Security

Hey Siri

Show me my doorbell camera

Alexa Voice Commands | Smart Home | CPI Security


Set goodnight scene

Hey Siri | Siri Shortcuts | Smart Home | CPI Security

Hey Siri

Lock the front door

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