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Adding video to your security system strengthens your peace of mind and protection, all while keeping an eye on what's happening around your home.

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It’s one thing to add cameras to your security system, it’s another to add a powerful tool that enhances your security and alarm response while keeping you in the know. IVAN (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications) delivers a powerful video analytics experience by sending you customized alerts when a person, animal, or vehicle enters a designated area.

IVAN alerts you when:

  • A vehicle pulls into or out of your driveway
  • A person walks up the front steps
  • Someone loiters in a specific zone on your property
  • A pet is being mischievous
  • A child leaves the yard

Explore Home Security Cameras

Video Doorbell Pro

With a complete vertical view, see and interact with anyone at your front door. This smart doorbell offers personalized video analytics, set by your preferences, to ensure you’re getting the notifications you want.

Doorbell Camera Features

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi Connectivity
  • Full 1440p HD Video Resolution
  • 150° Vertical Field of View
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Customizable motion settings

Outdoor Camera

Perimeter Alert Enabled IVAN Enabled

Don't just record criminals - stop them in their tracks. Let the bad guys know they’re being watched, record them, and scare them away with the latest CPI Outdoor Camera. Plus, enjoy the benefits that come standard with our outdoor cameras - like keeping an eye on important areas around your home and getting real-time alerts when your camera detects a person, animal, or vehicle.

Outdoor Security Camera Features

  • Two-Way Audio
  • HD 1080p Resolution
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Stream Video Recorder (SVR) Compatible & 24/7 Recording Available
  • Weather-resistant

Indoor Camera

IVAN Enabled

Stay in the know with what’s going on in your home. Keep tabs on pets, kids, and more with our motion-activated, indoor home security camera. Supporting your total home security system, this camera can also help verify alarms more quickly in an emergency.

Indoor Security Camera Features

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi Connectivity
  • HD 1080p Resolution (w/ HDR)
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Customizable motion settings
  • Two-way audio capabilities

180 Camera

IVAN Enabled

Kids home from school? Parents or aging family members you’d like to keep an eye on? This wide-angle indoor camera allows you to see and speak with those in the home - all they have to do is initiate a two-way video call to your app with the simple push of a button.

180 Indoor Security Camera Features

  • 180° View
  • 6.8 Megapixel Camera with HD 1080p Resolution
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capability
  • Tap to Call Out
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming
CPI Mesh Network

CPI Mesh Network

Do you have issues with dead spots or the overall WiFi connection in your home? The CPI Mesh Network solves this and more. In addition to evenly spreading your WiFi connection throughout your home, you'll also have more control over your family's screen time, internet usage, and online safety. As a bonus, if you're adding one or more CPI cameras to your home, a CPI Mesh Network helps ensure your cameras have the strongest connection possible.

CPI Mesh Features

  • Improved Connectivity
  • Parental Controls
  • Anti-virus & Cyber Security Protection
  • Whole-home Coverage

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