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Activate an Existing System

If a CPI security system is already installed in your home or business, activation is just a call or click away. With our 24-hour local monitoring service and Real Time Response system, you'll get the best protection in the industry. Why wait? Call or email us today about our special promotions and start to protect your best interests.

Is there a charge to activate a CPI Security system that was previously installed in my home?

Depending on the age of your system, we may be able to reactivate your system for little to no cost. If the system’s control panel is no longer supported by our platform, a takeover fee may apply to leverage existing sensors and contacts that were installed. Call CPI for complete details on your particular home.

Can I upgrade an older CPI system that’s already in my home?

Yes, you can upgrade your system with the latest smart home technology for protection, control and convenience. Add smart locks, garage door control, doorbell cameras, 24/7 recorded video and more. Customize your system to fit your needs and take advantage of our flexible CPI Smart Pay program to spread payments up to 60 months at 0% interest.