What Room Do Burglars Go to First, and Other Home Security Questions

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Burglar Peering into dark home

It’s a scenario that none of us like to consider: what if my home is broken into by a burglar? There are approximately 1.25 million home burglaries each year in the United States, so it’s best to be prepared in case the unfortunate happens to you. In the post below, we’ll break down the answer to three of the most common burglary questions we hear from CPI customers, including what room burglars are most likely to hit first. 


What Room Do Burglars Target First and other Key Home Security Questions 


What Room Do Burglars Go to First? 

In speaking with our customers and security consultants, it’s clear that most burglars head straight to a bedroom when they enter a home. If they can identify the primary bedroom, it will be their first target. This is because we often keep our valuables, from jewelry and passports to nest eggs of cash, in our master bedroom.   


The next most often checked room for burglars is a home office. Here, the target can be computer equipment, credit cards, checkbooks, and other important banking information.  


What Do Burglars Look for When Targeting a House? 

We recently wrote a whole blog post on how burglars choose homes to burglarize, but here’s the quick summary. It’s much simpler for burglars if the home is unoccupied, as they can steal what they want and then leave. Burglars also tend to look for houses that appear on the wealthier end of the spectrum. They’re hoping these houses have easy-to-grab electronics, jewelry, and other valuables. 


Lastly, burglars are looking for a house without a home security system. According to a UNC Charlotte study, about 83% of burglars look for an alarm system before choosing a home to burglarize. Security systems, like the ones offered by CPI, deter burglars from attempting to break into a home. CPI security systems also provide surveillance, monitoring, and Real-Time ResponseSM.   


What Are the Four Most Common Places Burglars Check for Valuables? 

According to a recent article from Reader’s Digest, here are four of the most common places that burglars check for valuables and tips on where you should hide things instead. 


  1. In Plain Sight 
  2. Under The Mattress 
  3. Medicine Cabinet 
  4. Office Drawers 




In Plain Sight 

Believe it or not, many of us are guilty of just leaving our valuables out in the open. Whether it’s our jewelry or a passport, it’s easy to have them readily accessible. But this accessibility comes at a cost, making it incredibly easy for a burglar to steal the items more easily.  


Instead of keeping valuables in plain sight, consider hiding them in mundane household containers, like old boxes of cereal or a box labeled “college textbooks.” These commonplace containers will deter burglars from looking inside them. Just don’t forget where you hid them, so you don’t lose it. 



Under the Mattress 

It’s a common trope in movies and TV shows — many of us are guilty of hiding things under our mattresses. But this also means it’s one of the first places a burglar will check.  So, be sure to keep your valuables in a different location. 


Instead of keeping your valuables under the mattress, consider balling them up in a sock in the sock drawer. It’s unlikely that a burglar will check here, and if they do, even more unlikely that they will know which sock to check. 


Medicine Cabinet 

Another common place that burglars look for valuables is in the medicine cabinet. They are often looking for painkillers or other types of pharmaceutical drugs that they can sell. Because of a burglar’s tendency to check the medicine cabinet, be sure to not hide any other valuables in here. 


Office Drawers 

Lastly, burglars tend to check office drawers for valuables. They’re looking for watches, envelopes of cash, or bank account information. The best way to protect your valuables is with a home security system from CPI. We offer 24/7 monitoring and Real Time Response, so that if someone does break into your home, we can get the police there as quickly as possible.  


Where Are the Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home? 

When deciding on the best hiding places for your values, it’s best to think like a burglar.  Or better yet, think smarter than your average burglar.  What does that mean? It means hiding your valuables in non-obvious places throughout your house. Of course, you’ll have to draw a line between inconspicuous hiding spots and convenience in accessing your items. 


If possible, it’s best to use a home safe (fireproof for extra points) in your home for the things that are most valuable to you. This will make it much less likely that the burglar can steal these items, as not all of them are equipped or able to break into a safe. However, if you do go with a safe, be sure that it is sturdy and heavy—you don’t want burglars to be able to walk away with it and hack into it later. 


Depending on your situation, the best place to keep your valuables safe may not be in your home! Safety security boxes and offsite vaults can keep your goods safe even in the event of a home invasion.  


As much as we wish it didn’t happen, home burglars are a real threat to your family’s safety and security. However, with a bit of planning and foresight, you can mitigate the potential loss incurred during a home break-in. And if you’re already convinced that a CPI Security system is the best solution for your needs, contact us today to get a free quote! We offer a variety of solutions to fit any budget, and our team of experts will work with you to design a system that provides maximum protection for your home and family. 

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