CPI Guide to Home Security in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach, SC

Hello, beach lovers! If you’re a Myrtle Beach local, you know there’s no place like this coastal paradise. Myrtle Beach has the sun, the surf, and a community that feels like family. But even in this idyllic corner of South Carolina, it’s essential to keep home security in mind. Residents have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of property crime. Higher than the state-wide average of 1 in 43. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive CPI Guide to Home Security in Myrtle Beach. 

From understanding the importance of a robust security system to exploring the latest innovations in home security, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to keep your Myrtle Beach home and loved ones safe.  


4 Essential Features for Your Myrtle Beach Home Security System 


The Atlantic charm of Myrtle Beach attracts over 19 million tourists each year and a growing number of residents who call “The Grand Strand” home. With so many people visiting and joining the community, you need to prioritize your home’s security. With this in mind, let’s explore four essential features for your Myrtle Beach home security system, whether it’s a stand-alone home, condo, apartment, or townhouse.  

Four Home Security Tools you Need in Myrtle Beach 

  1. Smart Sensors 
  2. Safety Alarms 
  3. Video Cameras 
  4. Monitored Detection 


Smart Sensors 

These devices are placed throughout your home and detect changes in your home, such as movement or door/window openings, and intrusion detection. Once a change is detected, these sensors will send alerts to your control panel or smartphone.  


Common smart sensors include: 

  • Motion Detectors 
  • Window and Door Sensors 
  • Glass Break Detectors 
  • Smart Thermostat 
  • Water Sensors 


These tools work in tandem to keep your home secure from all manner of threats.  


Safety Alarms 


In addition to warding off intruders, your Myrtle Beach home security system should also protect against other potential dangers to your property like fire, carbon monoxide, and flooding. This is where safety alarms come into play. 


Smoke detectors and heat sensors can alert you to a fire outbreak, while carbon monoxide detectors warn of this deadly, odorless gas. Flood sensors can be lifesavers, especially in areas prone to heavy rains or hurricanes, by detecting water levels and humidity changes. These safety alarms give you time to react appropriately, potentially saving lives and minimizing property damage. 

Learn more about CPI’s Safety Alarm offerings here 


Video Cameras 


Video security cameras provide an extra layer of protection, acting as both a deterrent to potential intruders and a means of collecting evidence in case of a crime. Depending on your specific needs and the layout of your home, your home security system might require different types of cameras for ultimate protection.  

Let’s delve into the three main types of security cameras:  


  1. Indoor Security Cameras 
  2. Outdoor Security Cameras 
  3. Doorbell Cameras 


Indoor Security Cameras 

Just as the name suggests, indoor cameras monitor the interior of your home. They can be placed in various locations like living rooms, hallways, entrances, or any other area you deem important. These cameras are handy for keeping an eye on your valuables and loved ones. For instance, you can check on your kids, pets, or elderly parents remotely, ensuring their safety even when you’re away. 

CPI’s indoor security cameras also come with features like night vision and two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with family members or pets from afar. They provide peace of mind; you can always have a watchful eye on what matters most. 


Outdoor Security Cameras 

Rugged and weather-resistant, outdoor cameras are built to withstand the elements and provide surveillance of your property’s exterior. They can be mounted at various points around your home, such as entrances, driveways, or backyards. These cameras act as an initial line of defense, capturing activity around your home and potentially deterring would-be intruders. 

Important Considerations to Consider For Your Outdoor Security Camera 

Weather – Given Myrtle Beach’s coastal climate, it’s crucial to select outdoor cameras that can handle the humidity, salt air, and stormy conditions.  

Features – Many modern outdoor cameras offer high-resolution video, infrared night vision, and even AI capabilities to differentiate between human movement and benign activity, like a passing car or swaying branches. 


Doorbell Cameras 

Doorbell cameras serve a dual purpose. They function as regular doorbells but also have an added security layer. These cameras are installed on your doors to provide a direct view of who’s at your door, whether it’s a delivery person, a neighbor, or an unwelcome guest. 

Most doorbell cameras have motion detection features that alert you when someone approaches your door, even if they don’t press the bell. Plus, with two-way audio, you can communicate with visitors without opening the door. This feature is handy for deterring potential porch pirates looking to swipe your packages. 


Monitored Detection 

All the security tools in the world won’t keep your property safe if no one is paying attention to them. When selecting your home security system, it’s critical to take into consideration who is going to monitor your security feeds. Many newer systems and DIY options are self-monitored, meaning if you miss a phone notification or aren’t watching the camera yourself, you may not be able to take the actions you need to stay safe and secure.  

This is one of the reasons that CPI offers 24/7 home alarm monitoring. In the event of an alarm, these monitoring centers can contact the appropriate authorities, be it the police, fire department, or medical services. For residents of Myrtle Beach, this 24/7 professional monitoring provides peace of mind knowing that even when you’re away enjoying our beautiful beaches, your home’s security is never compromised. 


Home Security for Every Myrtle Beach Neighborhood 

Myrtle Beach, also known as the Golf Capital of the World, is a vibrant and diverse city that boasts stunning coastlines, top-tier golf courses, and a host of attractions that make it a dream destination for many. Different neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach have unique characteristics, and as such, the home security needs can vary. Whether you reside in the tranquil avenues of The Dunes or the bustling heart of Downtown, a well-rounded security system is essential. 

Here are some key neighborhoods CPI services in Myrtle Beach: 

  • The Dunes 
  • Carolina Forest 
  • Grande Dunes 
  • Market Common 
  • Myrtlewood 
  • Pine Lakes 
  • Downtown 
  • Crystal Lake 
  • Plantation Point 


We also service nearby communities, including:  

  • Cherry Beach 
  • North Myrtle Beach 
  • Surfside Beach 
  • Murrells Inlet 
  • Conway 


No matter where you live in Myrtle Beach, enhancing your home’s security should be a top priority. From smart sensors and video cameras to safety alarms and monitored detection, there’s a range of options to ensure your peace of mind. So let’s explore how we can make each Myrtle Beach neighborhood safer, one home at a time. 


Secure with Confidence with Professional Installation 

CPI doesn’t just provide you with the equipment you need to keep your home safe; we can also help you install and set up your new home’s security system for optimal protection. Opting for professional installation over a DIY installation eliminates any guesswork or uncertainty about the setup of your security system.  


Our CPI professional installers have the necessary training and experience to handle all types of installations, whether simple or complex. They can assess your home, identify potential security risks, and determine the best placement for cameras and sensors. Furthermore, professionals can guide you through the system’s features and functionalities, ensuring you’re comfortable with its operation no matter your property type, including: 

  • Stand-alone houses 
  • Multi-family houses 
  • Townhomes 
  • Condos 


Moreover, CPI’s professional installation takes into account the unique characteristics of your Myrtle Beach neighborhood. Whether you’re located in the bustling area of Market Common or the tranquil lanes of Pine Lakes, CPI’s professionals understand the different security needs and tailor the installation process accordingly. So, sit back and let the installation professionals at CPI Security do what they do best – protect your home with precision and dedication. 


Why a CPI Home Security System is the Best Choice for your Myrtle Beach Home 

When it comes to safeguarding your Myrtle Beach home, nothing beats the assurance of a reliable and comprehensive security system. With decades of experience in installing and monitoring home security solutions, CPI offers many benefits that make it the ideal choice for your Myrtle Beach resident: 


  • Professional Installation 
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Emergency Response 
  • Customized Security Solutions 
  • Best-in-Class Video Camera Technology 
  • Smart Home Integration 
  • Reliability and Reputation 
  • Local Presence 


CPI Security has built a strong reputation over the years and is recognized as a leader in home security. Our systems are known for their reliability, ensuring your home is always protected. With 24/7 monitoring, emergency response, smart home integration, and a robust local presence, CPI Security is undoubtedly a top choice for ensuring the safety of your Myrtle Beach residence. 


Ready to have CPI help you keep your Myrtle Beach home safe? Get started today by scheduling a call for a free quote. Or give us a call at 877.355.1073 to receive a customized quote and learn about our monthly special offers. 


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