What is the Best Room Temperature?

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We all want to be comfortable year-round in our homes, but finding the best room temperature can be tricky without breaking the bank and keeping your family warm (or cool). So, what is that mythical optimal room temperature? The answer depends on a few different factors, such as the season and time of day. That said, there are a couple of good general guidelines for finding that happy medium between comfortability and cost, and we break them all down below.

A Few Facts About Room Temperature

What Exactly is Room Temperature?

It’s the temperature of a room in your house and is determined mainly by your cooling and heating system. It also depends on external factors like weather and humidity.

What is the Average Room Temperature?

The truth is that a range of values can be considered an optimal average room temperature. The best room temperature for you depends on your age, gender, health, geographic location, and other factors.

That aside, an average daytime room temperature is between 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit (~20° C). In this range, a person doesn’t have to burn too many extra calories trying to stay warm or cool down.

Health Risks of Room Temperatures

Generally, home temperatures between 64 – 75 ° F are considered safe and pose no health risks for adults with appropriate clothing and normal humidity conditions.

However, there are possible health risks when the temperature is outside this range, such as heat stroke, hypothermia, and respiratory issues. So, it’s best to keep the temperature in a home above 61 ° F, at the minimum, if possible.

What is the Best Temperature for Sleep?

Some people crank down their thermostats before they head to bed. Others can’t stand how a cold bedroom temperature infringes on their sense of warm coziness. But is there a “best” temp for sleep?

Yes, the optimal temperature for sleeping is anywhere between 60 – 67 ° F is considered a healthy and optimal sleeping temperature.

This is because the temperature does indeed have an impact on the quality of sleep. The body’s internal temperature decreases when we sleep. This means that when a room gets too warm, it can interrupt our circadian rhythm, and ultimately REM sleep, because it interferes with the body’s ability to lower its temperature and get a good night’s rest.

Temperature and Seasonality

Best Temperature to Keep Your House in the Summer

It can be tempting during those hot days of summer to crank the thermostat down to 65 ° F. While you’re free to do that if you want, it’s not necessary. Anything around 68 – 70 ° F will feel refreshing when it’s hot outside, and you won’t feel the purse strings tighten as much as you would if you stuck with 65 ° F.

Best Temperature to Keep Your House in the Fall or Spring

Since both fall and spring are usually temperate, especially in the Southeast, the optimal room temperature for these seasons is between 67 – 70 ° F.

Best Temperature to Keep Your House in the Winter

In the winter, an average room temperature is around 68 – 72 ° F, depending on your preference.

Keep Your House the Perfect Temperature All Year Round with The CPI Smart Thermostat

Constantly adjusting your thermostat to find that perfect temperature can be stressful (and expensive). Luckily, that’s where CPI’s Smart Thermostat steps in.

Our Smart Thermostat comes equipped with several features to provide you with a more convenient heating and cooling experience. With CPI’s Smart Thermostat, you can:

  • Cut costs with personalized automations that trigger based on factors like time of day, temperature in the room, and when people are home.
  • Create custom schedules that fit your unique routine and adjust the temperature settings accordingly.
  • Manage your home’s temperature even when you’re away by controlling it via the inTouchTM app.
  • Meet your energy efficiency goals and improve your energy savings by monitoring your power usage.
  • Receive critical temperature alerts if it gets too hot or too cold.

What’s Your Best Room Temperature?

While the age-old debate is left to personal preference, there are more than a few factors that help narrow down our options. If you’re interested in how to save money, manage your cooling and heating bills, or improve your temperature regulation, contact us today to learn more about our smart thermostat and our suite of smart home security products.

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