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Security System & Alarm Monitoring

Every CPI security system comes with 24/7 monitoring and emergency response. When it comes to your loved ones' safety and protecting your property, our Real Time Response makes all the difference.

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Protection You Can Count on With Real Time Response

When you secure your home with CPI, your alarm system monitors your property and relays information to our Central Station Operators with our cutting-edge emergency response protocol, Real Time Response. If an alarm is triggered, our award-winning, UL-certified Central Station takes action to verify burglary, intrusion, fire, and medical emergencies via audio and video verification. In the event of an emergency, our specialized team contacts local authorities and relays vital information to first responders in real-time.

How Real Time Response Works

We're like your local neighborhood watch - if your neighborhood watch had the latest technology and worked closely with local authorities and emergency response teams. Here's how Real Time Response works when an alarm is triggered:

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Our customers have the ability to cancel an alarm on their app or panel. If an alarm isn't "Canceled" and disarmed, our Central Station Operators will come over the two-way speaker to check on the situation at hand.

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If you cannot confirm that you are ok, whether that’s via the two-way speaker or if we call the primary phone number on the account, or if we hear breaking, rustling, or any suspicious activity, we act quickly to verify the emergency.

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Once we verify the alarm, we're able to contact emergency responders on your behalf, dispatching the authorities and relaying information to them in real-time, and for our video customers, we will send any pertinent clips to the authorities.

What Are Verified Alarms?

Verified Alarms are alarms that have been confirmed as emergencies through audio and video verification and relayed to local authorities. Due to the added protection of our industry-leading technology and highly specialized Central Station Operators, this means your alarms are given high-priority response while reducing false alarms.

Benefits of Monitoring for Home Security, Fire, & Medical Emergencies

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Home Security Monitoring

When there's a burglary, home invasion, or suspicious activity that triggers our monitored home alarms, we act quickly to ensure your safety and get you the help you need.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Early detection and fast emergency response make the difference between a minor incident and a total loss. If a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered, our fire alarm monitoring services can verify smoke or fire alarms and dispatch the fire department whether you're home or away.

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Medical & Life Safety

Our medical monitoring devices work with your CPI security system to contact our Central Station operators if you experience a medical emergency.

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24/7 All-inclusive Protection

Our alarm monitoring service is available 24/7 for any emergency, whether there's a break-in, fire, or medical emergency, day or night.

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Peace of Mind

With our included on-call, monitored protection, you're able to feel confident that you're making the safest, most comprehensive security decision for what you value most.

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Flexibility & Control

When you’re in duress, you’re able to quickly and easily communicate with our Central Station Operators from your smart security panel, or by phone on your inTouch app.

Central Station Monitoring - The Hub of CPI Security

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Our professional alarm monitoring center, Central Station, is where our Central Station Operators actively monitor alarm panel signals. Proudly based in the southeast, it is a world-class Five Diamond Certified, U.L. Listed Monitoring Center that provides specialized, regional home and business security protection for all CPI customers.

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We live in the communities we serve and are committed to making our neighborhoods safe for everyone. We proudly service the southeast with field offices throughout the region.

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